Multifamily Two Story Garden Style Apartments • 1968 • Chula Vista, CA

Property Type:

Multifamily Two Story Garden Style Apartments

Year Built:



Chula Vista, CA

Project Overview:

This client was referred to us by another SCS client. They contacted SCS because they were having failures in their brand-new asphalt. They had recently completed phase 1 of 6 and were unhappy with how the project was starting off. It was determined upon our evaluation that there were soft spots in the subgrade causing the asphalt to fail. During our initial evaluation, we also found out that the property manager only received one proposal for a $970,000 project. The prime contractor was only completing about 25% of the work and marking up the remaining work that was being completed by a paving subcontractor. SCS was able to value engineer the scope and reduce costs by getting more competitive bids. We also contracted directly with a contractor that was self-performing all of the work in-house.  This saved our client approximately $300,000. This apartment complex has narrow streets which added to the complexity of completion. There were several damages caused by the contractor during construction that we documented and had repaired before final completion.