Recession Proof Your CapEx

From all economic outlooks I have seen recently it looks like we have another good year, maybe two, of continued economic growth. Not many seem optimistic that our economy can continue to surge on after the next couple of years.

It always seems harder to complete larger capital expenditure projects when times are tough. Tenants are short on cash as the economy declines and every cycle it seems that some of the most important, and expensive items, find a way to get deferred even longer. (Some magic patches and positive thoughts to hold things together until a later date.)

Will you look back in 3-5 years thinking you wished you had planned better or gotten these projects approved and completed before the recession hit? What if you could put a plan in place now to make the best of the time we have left? Could you minimize larger capital costs when times are tough and cashflow is low? How could this plan maximize your NOI when times are tough?

The quality of our work will depend greatly on the quality of our questions. If you’re having these questions or want to consider them then let us know how we can help.

  1. In remembrance of Martin Luther King’s life I would encourage you to listen to one of his lesser known speeches. I find his question, “What is the blueprint of your life?” very powerful. This question is relatable to me. As I think of my life I get to design and build whatever I want. We all do really I just hadn’t necessarily thought about taking the time to think about what I wanted and how I could design it. As Dr. King put it, “…we have to learn baby learn in order to earn baby earn.”
  2. I love to get multiple perspectives on the economy and see things through the eyes of those who are smarter and more informed than I am. I think these two interviews that Ed Mylett does with two different opposing views does a great job of providing a much wider perspective. I hope you enjoy the content and find as much value as I did. Liberal Perspective with Austan Goolsbee & Conservative Perspective with Stephen Moore

Let me know if there’s anything we can do to support you or your team with roofing, paving, concrete or ADA Cap Ex projects this year. Phone calls and e-mails are always free. We’re here to help.

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