Almost a Million Dollars

   1. With asphalt materials today it is not necessary to remove and replace full depth asphalt in most situations. 
   2. With a little bit more time upfront on the evaluation you could potentially have more options that you thought. 

2″ Mill & Inlay is our “go-to” strategy for most of our clients now. We like using products like fiber reinforced asphalt to add life and reduce maintenance costs. I highly suggest that you talk to your managers and facilities team about these products and strategies to get 10 – 15 years more life out of your asphalt and reduce maintenance costs by 50% or more and get more coverage on your asphalt. 

We typically have at least one or two of these big projects a year where we save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. I’m happy to show you have you and your team can do this with or without our services. I’m here to help and to make a difference in tour industry.

On this particular job our client, a major logistics company, hired us to evaluate their bids and their asset. This was a $3,500 investment in our services that saved them over $900,000. That’s a 25,714% return. Although that’s not typical, it’s not that out of the ordinary either.